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In the era of the Internet, from the industrial end to the consumer end, new technologies, new models, and new business formats are emerging to meet various market needs. GCL is striving to push its industrial upgrading, seeking competitions and win-win cooperation, focusing on technologies and digitalizing its operations, determined to create kinetic energy for "carbon neutrality".
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Lithium Battery Energy Storage Industrial Chain

Lithium Battery Energy Storage Industrial Chain
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Lithium Battery Energy Storage Industrial Chain
Lithium Battery Energy Storage Industrial Chain

Lithium Battery Energy Storage Industrial Chain

Driven by the growing demand in the energy storage market, GCL has integrated its strategy of digital energy and integrated photovoltaic energy storage. They have constructed a complete lithium energy storage industry chain, encompassing lithium mining, lithium carbonate, cathode materials, anode materials, battery cells, PACK (Power Assisted Charging Kit), end products, energy storage system platforms, and battery recycling and reuse.
Cathode Materials Anode Materials Electrolyte Cells Automobile PACK Energy Storage PACK Intelligent String-type Energy Storage System

Cathode Materials by GCL-PHY method

In July 2023, GCL's annual production of 360,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) energy storage materials project officially commenced. This project relies on the innovative, proprietary technology called PHY Physical Dry Process, known for its iterative effects. With GCL-PHY LiFePO4 production, the cost, investment, and energy consumption indicators have been reduced by approximately 50%. Moreover, the entire process is free from wastewater, exhaust gases, and waste residues. The compaction, energy density, and cycle life indicators have surpassed those of traditional processes in a comprehensive manner.

    BY GCLPhysical method production method invented by GCL

    Low Energy ConsumptionThe energy consumption decreases by 42%

    Green ManufacturingThe production process is completely free from wastewater, exhaust gases, waste residues, and does not require the establishment of a chemical park on land.

    Simple ProcessSimplified from 11 procedures of traditional chemical method to 4 procedures

    Low CostThe production cost is decreased by 46%

    360,000 ton-classproduction base is in operation

Anode Materials (silicon-carbon anode materials)

The silicon-carbon anode material developed by GCL can replace graphite and exhibits high energy density, significantly enhancing the capacity and electrochemical performance of battery anode materials. As an extension project of GCL's silicon industry chain, the raw materials for silicon-carbon anode (silicon powder, silane) are sourced from the FBR granular silicon unit.The silicon-carbon anode material produced through GCL's nanoscale silicon technology exhibits a single-cell specific capacity exceeding 1500, with a first charge-discharge efficiency reaching 91%.


    The specific capacity per unit weight exceeds 1500


    The initial charge-discharge efficiency reaches 91%


Supramolecular technology enables the reengineering of materials, effectively addressing safety concerns such as thermal runaway and flammability associated with conventional electrolyte materials.


The GCL cell products possess elevated levels of safety and exceptional cycle reliability, making them suitable for applications in power storage, communication storage, new energy vehicles, and engineering machinery, among other scenarios.
GCL Energy Storage specializes in long-lasting lithium iron phosphate batteries for energy storage, offering a remarkable combination of high energy density, efficiency, rate capability, and thermal stability. With an impressive lifespan of 12,000 cycles, these batteries achieve a harmonious balance between light storage and durability.

    High Density

    High Efficiency

    High Rate

    12000 times long cycle

Automobile PACK

The standard battery pack for passenger vehicles, also known as the Super P Pack, offers cross-brand and cross-model compatibility, adaptable to vehicles with an axle spacing of ≥2700mm. This enables comprehensive coverage in scenarios such as ride-hailing, online ride-sharing, and passenger transportation.
For heavy-duty trucks, the standard battery pack, referred to as the Super H Pack, finds applications in various scenarios like mining, long-haul transportation, logistics, and urban construction. It allows for battery interchangeability between different brands and models, facilitating multi-vehicle operations at a single charging station.

Energy Storage PACK

GCL's energy storage packs are characterized by their high energy density, excellent cycling performance, and exceptional safety features. These packs find wide applications in areas such as commercial and industrial energy storage, power auxiliary services, and integrated energy systems.
The energy storage system incorporates high-efficiency liquid cooling technology, advanced thermal isolation techniques, and safeguards against thermal propagation and thermal runaway incidents. With these features, the system ensures optimal energy efficiency and utilizes CTS (Cell Temperature Stabilization) technology to effectively manage cell temperatures.

Intelligent String-type Energy Storage System

The intelligent string-type energy storage system integrates grid monitoring, smart distribution, energy storage, and inverter equipment into a standard-sized container, enhancing the system's available capacity. It features advanced battery unit expansion and bidirectional inverter units, as well as a fault-level pre-processing mechanism. Furthermore, the system enables human-machine interaction by collecting various signals from the DC and AC sides of the energy storage system for monitoring and control purposes.
The GCL intelligent string-type energy storage system adheres to a design philosophy that emphasizes modularity and integration. It effectively integrates grid monitoring, smart distribution, energy storage, and inverter equipment into a standard-sized container.

PV-Storage-Charging-Swapping Integrated Solutions

The GCL PV-Storage-Charging-Swapping Integrated Energy Station opens a brand new chapter in zero-carbon urban transportation. It not only utilizes Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology to interact with the power grid but also serves as a versatile hub for energy storage, charging, and exchange. By doing so, it transforms into a city energy center and contributes to the shaping of a new urban power system. GCL is fully committed to creating the PV-Storage-Charging-Swapping Integrated Energy Station, which combines photovoltaic, energy storage, charging, and exchange, while leveraging V2G technology for a flexible and sustainable urban power system.

Energy Storage Solutions

GCL is dedicated to the field of electrochemical energy storage with a focus on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology. It has autonomously developed advanced battery management systems and intelligent management platforms. Furthermore, GCL has undertaken research, design, and system integration for various energy storage products, ranging from residential-level storage to small and medium-sized commercial storage, as well as large-scale containerized energy storage solutions.

Industrial & Commercial Energy Storage

Drawing upon its industry-leading energy storage technology and power conversion expertise, GCL focuses on the research, development, production, sales, and service of industrial and commercial energy storage systems. It is committed to actively contributing in various scenarios such as the integration of renewable energy, peak shaving and frequency regulation of power, demand-side response, microgrids, and emergency power backup.

Household Energy Storage

GCL household energy storage division focuses on ensuring the safety and implementing intelligent upgrades to its product systems. Its commitment lies in providing global users with intelligent home-based energy storage solutions. By utilizing digital management platforms, GCL develops community-shared energy storage systems, aiming to achieve a dual-mode progression towards optimizing household energy consumption and reducing carbon footprint, thereby fostering both economic and environmental benefits.

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