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In the era of the Internet, from the industrial end to the consumer end, new technologies, new models, and new business formats are emerging to meet various market needs. GCL is striving to push its industrial upgrading, seeking competitions and win-win cooperation, focusing on technologies and digitalizing its operations, determined to create kinetic energy for "carbon neutrality".
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Hydrogen Energy Industrial Chain

Hydrogen Energy Industrial Chain
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Hydrogen Energy Industrial Chain
"Blue and green"
Contribute to the national hydrogen strategy

Hydrogen Energy Industrial Chain

GCL presents the hydrogen energy development plan of "Blue and Green Parallel, Powering a Hydrogen Future," with the short and medium-term goal of advancing blue hydrogen production and the medium to long-term goal of developing the green hydrogen industry.

Green Hydrogen

GCL has proposed a roadmap for "Affordable Hydrogen" by leveraging its technological and industrial advantages in areas such as photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation. Taking advantage of the synergistic effects within the industry, GCL aims to continuously reduce costs in the fields of photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, energy storage, hydrogen storage, electrolyzers, and more. This is achieved through the integrated development model of "wind-solar-hydrogen" to ensure that the production cost of green hydrogen is comparable to or even lower than that of blue hydrogen.

Natural Gas – Blue Hydrogen

Drawing upon Ethiopia's natural gas resources, GCL relies on its domestic LNG receiving terminals in Dong and Maoming to engage in a fully integrated industry chain business encompassing natural gas exploration, development, production, storage, transportation, processing, trade, sales, and terminal utilization.
GCL's "Ethiopia-Djibouti Natural Gas" project has been designated as a key project in the project reserve of the Belt and Road Initiative by the National Development and Reform Commission. Simultaneously, it has been identified as a "National Priority Project" by both Ethiopia and Djibouti. With a block area of 117,000 square kilometers, the project holds a substantial geological resource of 50 trillion cubic meters of natural gas.

    11.7solar power plants

    The project area is equivalent to more than 11.7 solar power plants in terms of its block area.

    50trillion cubic meters.

    The geological reserves of natural gas amount to 50 trillion cubic meters.

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