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In the era of the Internet, from the industrial end to the consumer end, new technologies, new models, and new business formats are emerging to meet various market needs. GCL is striving to push its industrial upgrading, seeking competitions and win-win cooperation, focusing on technologies and digitalizing its operations, determined to create kinetic energy for "carbon neutrality".
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Digital Energy

Digital Energy
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Digital Energy
Digital Energy

Digital Energy

GCL upholds its unique advantages in green power, smart computing, and electricity sales, striving to build an integrated green energy ecosystem of "power + storage + computing." This initiative aims to drive innovation and development in the digital energy sector.

PV-Storage-Charging-Swapping Integrated Cloud Platform

The PV-Storage-Charging-Swapping Integrated Cloud Platform aims to optimize power utilization and reduce initial investment through collaborative management among multiple stations and complementary technologies. It is designed to fully support unmanned intelligent operations, covering various aspects such as goods logistics, vehicle flow, passenger flow, fund flow, energy flow, and information flow. The intelligent matching of charging and swapping enables seamless transitions between high-power charging and battery swapping, catering to diverse requirements for high-power charging.

"Power+Storage+Computing" Integration

Contribute to the development of a new-type power system characterized by renewable energy as its primary source

    More than 15 intelligent computing centersWe aims to make significant breakthroughs and to establish a nationwide presence.

    Diversity and HeterogeneityThe energy consumption is decreased by 42%

    More than 10 billion of investmentWe have consistent incoming investment and strong financial support.

    10000 PFLOPS
    Several publicly listed IDC companies have a Price-to-Book (PB) ratio of 15.

    50+ Plans
    Case experience from multiple industries

    Our computility cluster boasts an industry-leading scale, with a collaboration of multiple enterprises working together to establish a thriving ecosystem.

PV-Storage-Supercharging Integrated Solutions

  • Strong Charging Performance
    With a remarkable maximum output of 600 kW, our charging system delivers an unparalleled charging experience, allowing you to recharge at a rate of one kilometer per second. This extraordinary charging speed ensures a seamless and exceptional charging experience for our users.
  • collaborative development among vehicles, power, charging, and intelligent computing
    Through collaborations with authoritative automotive institutions and the utilization of universal algorithms, we have achieved rapid acceleration and significantly reduced charging initiation times.
  • Application of advanced technology
    By implementing liquid cooling technology, we mitigate the risk of direct exposure of vital components to detrimental substances such as moisture, dust, and salt particles present in the ambient air. This proactive approach not only extends the operational lifespan but also enhances reliability. Additionally, our system features a comprehensive modular design, enabling a power output capability of up to 720kW.
  • Remarkable Experience, Quality and Income
    Our charging system boasts an impressive success rate of 99%, realizing the "5 minutes for 200 kilometers" charging experience. Moreover, our implementation of silent charging technology provides a serene and peaceful charging experience, free from disruptive noise disturbances.

    1 second for 1 kilometer

    Core liquid cooling technology


    Long Life Span


    Low Noise


    Fast Charging

Intelligent Computing Center

GCL Intelligent Computing (Suzhou) Center, as the first energy intelligent computing center in China, commenced operations successfully in August 2023. This state-of-the-art facility encompasses a diverse range of technological systems and leverages NVIDIA's advanced hardware and software to build an artificial intelligence (AI) cluster. With a staggering total computational power of 1000 PFLOPS and a processing speed of one million trillion calculations per second, coupled with a storage capacity of approximately 32 billion petabytes, GCL Intelligent Computing Center outperforms similar domestic establishments.
GCL Intelligent Computing Center is dedicated to advancing large-scale model training in the energy field. Additionally, it conducts extensive research and applies its findings in various domains, including smart energy, zero-carbon transportation, and super factories.

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