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In the era of the Internet, from the industrial end to the consumer end, new technologies, new models, and new business formats are emerging to meet various market needs. GCL is striving to push its industrial upgrading, seeking competitions and win-win cooperation, focusing on technologies and digitalizing its operations, determined to create kinetic energy for "carbon neutrality".
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PV Industrial Chain

PV Industrial Chain
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PV Industrial Chain
Technology Drives Photovoltaic to
Become the Main Energy Source

Silicon Energy

GCL is dedicated to driving the photovoltaic industry to become an indispensable co-builder of ecological value in the carbon-neutral system. Globally, GCL is constructing a silicon energy supply chain and establishing industry-leading intelligent production bases for silicon powder, FBR granular silicon, silicon wafers, cells, and modules. GCL provides efficient photovoltaic module products, "photovoltaic+" solutions, and smart operation and maintenance services to customers worldwide. Furthermore, GCL is steadily advancing the construction of new energy mega bases, promoting carbon reduction across the entire photovoltaic industry chain. In June 2023, GCL made the comprehensive decision to cease its production of rod-like silicon and withdraw from the field of photovoltaic rod silicon.
FBR Granular Silicon CCz Techonology Silicon Wafers Cells Modules

FBR Granular Silicon

FBR granular silicon, an innovative “black technology” product with independent intellectual property rights developed by GCL, has obtained 136 authorized patents, including 3 national standards and 4 international standards.

FBR granular silicon demonstrates numerous advantages, including low cost, low energy consumption, low emissions, long lifespan, and high quality with exceptional conversion efficiency. Its production energy consumption is only one-fourth that of rod-shaped polycrystalline silicon, leading to an approximate 85% reduction in carbon footprint. This achievement has earned GCL the prestigious dual certification of carbon footprint authority from China and France. Additionally, FBR Granular Silicon has received validation and recognition from top-tier corporate clients.

GCL has strategically established manufacturing bases for FBR granular silicon in Jiangsu, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, and overseas locations. These facilities collectively boast a production capacity of 400,000 tons.


    "Black technology" product with
    136 authorized patents – FBR granular silicon


    national standards


    international standards

    400,000 tons

    Production capacity of 400,000 tons

CCz Techonology

  • Saving the time of feeding and material preparation process in the recycling loop
  • 20% increase in production of crystal furnace
  • The length of single silicon rod is not controlled by crucible
  • The resulting monocrystalline silicon rods exhibit a more uniform resistivity and narrower distribution, amplifying their overall quality.
  • Increase in the individual furnace charging capacity
  • The quality of monocrystalline silicon rods is stable
  • A significant increase in the production efficiency and level of automation
  • The requirement of efficient N-type cells is satisfied.
  • The adoption of CCz technology on FBR granular silicon in the future

Silicon Wafers

Surrounding the implementation of granular silicon, downstream application scenarios, and industrial ecology, GCL is diligently researching and breaking through key technologies such as "CCz+granular silicon application+N-type+large-size waferization." The resulting monocrystalline silicon wafers can meet the demand for sizes of 182 or 210, accommodating both full-cell and half-cell solar panel designs. They are compatible with various advanced cell technologies such as TOPcon, HJT, and IBC. The silicon wafer production capacity has reached an impressive 55GW.


    Production capacity of silicon wafers


With the advent of the N-type era in the PV industry, the value of n-type cell technologies such as TOPCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) and HJT (Heterojunction) cells has become increasingly prominent. Leveraging its leading expertise in N-type cell production, GCL is advancing the construction of a 20GW high-efficiency TOPCon photovoltaic cell project. On July 28, 2023, they achieved mass production and delivery of large-sized high-efficiency N-type solar cell modules.


    high-efficiency TOPCon solar cell project


GCL's 60 gigawatts high-efficiency module intelligent manufacturing facility embraces a fully automated production system and intelligent management approach. It is compatible with large-sized modules, specifically those sized 210mm downwards. The product portfolio primarily focuses on large-sized, high-performance P-type and N-type modules, offering superior weak light power generation performance and an enhanced temperature coefficient to optimize electricity production. By 2023, GCL's production capacity for large-sized modules is expected to approach approximately 30 gigawatts.

• The large-sized N-type TOPCon single-glass and double-glass modules, measuring 210mm and 182mm respectively, have successfully obtained TUV Rheinland certification.

• The large-sized PERC series high-efficiency modules, measuring 210mm and 182mm respectively, have been awarded the carbon footprint certification by France.


    The production capacity of GCL large-size modules is close to


Perovskite is referred to as the third-generation or truly disruptive concept in solar cells. By harnessing the photovoltaic effect, solar cells are created using perovskite-type organic metal halide semiconductors as light-absorbing materials.

Perovskite Modules

GCL Optoelectronic Materials Ltd. has independently developed large-sized perovskite photovoltaic (PV) modules, establishing the world's largest production line for 100 MW perovskite modules with the highest module efficiency certification. It has emerged as the exclusive global enterprise to obtain commercial certification for practical perovskite module products. Leveraging the core technology and industrial advantages of perovskite cells, GCL Photovoltaics has received investments and support from leading entities such as Temasek Holdings, Sequoia Capital China, IDG China, and Tencent.

    Large Size




    High Efficiency


    The efficiency of large-size modules has reached 18%

    Low Energy Consumption


    The temperature for the low-temperature synthesis is lower than 100℃


    The decrease in carbon emissions of perovskite layer is more than 90%

    Low Cost


    The production cost is 50% lower than that of crystalline silicon modules


The digital intelligent integrated energy solution of GCL

GCL intelligent integrated energy solution, relying on its independently developed "GCLinkage" comprehensive energy management platform, combines data monitoring and analysis, process control, and expert diagnostics to provide intelligent operational management services for the new energy industry. Currently, GCL manages and operates over 320 photovoltaic power stations with a total installed capacity of nearly 10GW.

    Over 320 PV plants

    currently under GCL’s management and maintenance


    The total installed capacity is close to 10 GW


Green Energy Solutions

"GCL SUN" is a comprehensive solution by GCL, which includes GCL photovoltaic modules, PVT (Photovoltaic-Thermal) solar-thermal modules, energy storage, and other products. It is tailored for the development of zero-carbon solar solutions for rural areas, contributing to the creation of beautiful countryside.

    Branding Support

    Advanced Technology

    Flexible Modes

    Comprehensive Products

    Branding Support

    Diverse Ecology

    Quick Settlement

    Convenient System


PV-thermal integrated solutions

The PVT (Photovoltaic-Thermal) solar-thermal integrated solution is an innovative "PV+" series product independently developed by GCL. It combines traditional photovoltaic modules with inflated aluminum alloy panels seamlessly, introducing a new technology. This solution enables simultaneous generation of electricity and heat, offering a wide range of application scenarios.

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