TCL and GCL Shake Hands in Suzhou: Li Dongsheng and Zhu Gongshan Discuss Cross-Cycle Journey, Co-Creating a New Energy Landscape


On February 19th, the day after the resumption of work for the new year, Li Dongsheng, the founder and chairman of TCL Technology Group Corporation, paid a special visit to the Suzhou GCL New Energy Center. He engaged in dialogue and exchange with Zhu Gongshan, chairman of the GCL Group, on topics such as further deepening strategic cooperation, jointly addressing industry cycles, and overseas project layout. Shen Haoping, Senior Vice President of TCL Group and General Manager of TCL Energy, Zhu Yufeng, President of GCL Group, and others attended the discussion.


Li Dongsheng stated that TCL and GCL maintain a good cooperative relationship, mutually depending on each other, and are good partners and friends on the path of progress. Nowadays, the cyclical changes in the photovoltaic industry once again test the strength, endurance, and courage of players entering the field. TCL hopes to further deepen strategic cooperation with GCL, accelerate the development and intelligent manufacturing of next-generation photovoltaic technologies, seek new profit growth points, and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the green energy industry. He pointed out that the cooperation between TCL and GCL in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry chains, especially the construction and operation of polycrystalline silicon projects, has achieved fruitful results. The complementary nature of the two parties' businesses will further promote the deep integration of both sides in the industrial chain and supply chain, promoting innovation, transformation, and high-quality development.


Zhu Gongshan welcomed Li Dongsheng's visit to GCL. He stated that GCL Group has always adhered to the concept of "bringing green energy into life" and is committed to promoting technological progress and industrial upgrading in the photovoltaic industry. He believes that TCL, as a leading enterprise in the technology field, has broad prospects and great potential for strategic cooperation. Faced with a new round of photovoltaic industry cycles, he hopes that both sides can work together for mutual benefit, consolidate and deepen cooperation, strengthen technological empowerment, expand cooperation areas, and seek new and greater cooperation opportunities in technology research and development, overseas layout, and market expansion.


During the discussion, both parties also conducted in-depth discussions on advancing overseas project layouts. Both sides agreed that in the complex and ever-changing global economic environment and continuous innovation in the technology industry, it is essential to promote domestic and international dual cycles through methods such as corporate globalization. In the future, they will continue to deepen strategic cooperation in new product and technology research and development, integration of industrial chains, and overseas layout, jointly supporting the enhancement of the core competitiveness of China's photovoltaic industry and winning more global leadership and dominance.


Zhang Changxu, Deputy General Manager of TCL Energy, Wang Yanjun, Deputy General Manager of TCL Energy and General Manager of TCL Energy Leading, Li Zhaoying, Deputy General Manager of TCL Energy Leading, Zhu Zhanjun, Vice Chairman of GCL Group, Tian Ye, Executive Director of the Group and Senior Business Partner, Lan Tianshi, Joint CEO of GCL Technology, Jiang Weipeng, President of GCL Integration, Zhang Kun, Executive President, and other leaders from both sides attended the discussion.