GCL Group Invited to NVIDIA's 2024 GTC Conference



The 2024 NVIDIA GTC (NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference) was inaugurated in San Jose, USA, on the early morning of March 19th, Beijing time. Sun Wei, Vice Chairman of GCL Group, was invited to attend and engaged in discussions with NVIDIA on global energy transition and strengthening cooperation in energy computing power.

During the GTC 2024 conference, Sun Wei had a warm meeting with NVIDIA's Energy Business Division General Manager Marc Spieler and his team. He expressed sincere congratulations and high praise for the successful organization of the conference and the brilliant speech delivered by Mr. Jensen Huang. Marc Spieler, General Manager of NVIDIA's Energy Business Division, highly affirmed the outstanding achievements and significant contributions made by GCL Group in the energy industry. He particularly emphasized GCL's leadership role in the global energy transition and formally invited GCL Group as an important partner of NVIDIA to jointly participate in and drive innovation in the field of large-scale energy models worldwide. He expressed hope that both parties could quickly establish a professional team, work closely together to ensure the efficient implementation of related projects and the smooth progress of subsequent work, and jointly usher in a new era of integration between energy and artificial intelligence.

As a leading enterprise in the global new energy sector, GCL Group has profound practical experience and strong technical expertise in the field of clean energy; whereas NVIDIA has significant advantages in global GPU computing, AI, and data center solutions. The two parties are expected to make significant breakthroughs in promoting the integrated development of clean energy and high-performance computing, enrich the application scenarios of large models in the energy industry, build a good industrial ecosystem through the upstream and downstream linkage of the industrial chain, and provide strong support for the transformation of the global energy structure and the development of the digital economy.

Currently, GCL Group's listed company, GCL Energy, is deepening cooperation with leading enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad, accelerating the construction of energy computing application centers. In 2023, the company launched two energy intelligent computing centers in Suzhou and Shanghai, exploring the digitization of key energy assets and collaborative operations with multiple software. By constructing intelligent virtual power plants through artificial intelligence technology and aggregating distributed power generation systems, the company is making practical explorations for the application of artificial intelligence to empower the energy industry.