Rising with the Dragon's Momentum, Prosperity Abounds in Homes and Country - New Year Greetings from Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL Group



To all researchers, digital engineers, technicians, managers, and staff of GCL Group from around the world:

Happy New Year to everyone! The bell of the Year of the Dragon is about to ring. It's the most joyous, fulfilling, and blissful moment of the year. Every home, big or small, carries both career dreams and family affection, both of which require careful nurturing. Many members of the GCL family are still working due to their responsibilities. Some are steadfastly holding their positions in power supply, engineering construction, safety assurance, and production manufacturing. Some are stationed at power plants in remote areas such as Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, while others are in distant foreign lands like Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Japan, the United States, Germany, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Africa. I want to extend my sincere thanks and condolences to all of you. You have worked hard, and my heart is always with you. Some members of the GCL family may already be reunited with their loved ones or are on their way home eagerly. After a busy year, take this holiday to rest, adjust, communicate more with parents, loved ones, children, relatives, and friends, and share and listen. Also, please convey my blessings and gratitude to them. A harmonious small family contributes to the prosperity of the big family, and the progress of GCL's cause cannot be achieved without the silent dedication and immense support of these unsung heroes.

With the fruition of spring comes the fulfillment of autumn, not failing the hard work. Over the past year, under the guidance of the dual-carbon goals and the concerted global action to reduce carbon emissions, forty thousand GCL heroes have continued to strive with a fighting spirit, reaping abundant harvests for GCL. The construction of the "Three Major GCLs" is taking root downwards and growing upwards with abundant momentum. The traditional advantageous industries are strengthening their chains and consolidating their foundations, while the emerging industries are rapidly breaking through and making significant strides. The "Nine Investments in One Year" are inspiring, the new pattern of "Three Chains Dancing Together" is becoming clear, and the new framework of "Electricity + Energy Storage + Computing Power" is emerging. These achievements and breakthroughs have laid a solid foundation for GCL to move towards a broader stage. The new picture of GCL's strategic upgrade is transitioning from "freehand brushwork" to "meticulous brushwork". The dual stars of polycrystalline silicon and perovskite shine brightly, leading the technological iteration and low-carbon energy-saving trend in the photovoltaic industry. The quality of polycrystalline silicon products has been greatly improved, rapidly covering the N-type market, continuing to reduce manufacturing costs, and steadily increasing market share, perfectly interpreting the "quality + cost = market" business formula of GCL. The perovskite scientific team, starting from the peak efficiency of crystalline silicon, challenges the "no man's land", continuously overcoming the critical points of single-junction and tandem-junction conversion efficiencies. The GW-level perovskite project of GCL has been officially launched, ushering in a new era of large-scale commercial application of next-generation photovoltaic technology. In addition, technological projects such as supramolecular deep eutectic electrolytes, cathode materials, ultra-fast charging, energy AI, and photovoltaic storage and computing cloud platforms are blossoming in many areas, taking the golden and green content of GCL's technological ace combination to a new level.

At 34 years old, GCL is once again undergoing transformation, spreading its wings and flying towards a more distant green sea and mountain. In the new year, I hope the forty thousand GCLers will always remember the road they have traveled, adhere to the green dream, jointly uphold our great cause, embark on an expedition towards the sun, write legends, live up to the era's favor, the support of all sectors, the expectations of family, and the initial dreams. At the moment when the New Year bell rings, accompanied by the joyous drums and celebratory firecrackers, let us jointly wish for the prosperity of the country and the well-being of the people, and the splendor of the mountains and rivers. On behalf of GCL Group and all management, I extend sincere New Year wishes to everyone, wishing you a happy family, good health, and all the best in the new year!