Enterprise in Kunshan Won the Provincial Special Publicity Project for Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutral Science and Technology Innovation


2022-02-24    Source:NetEase News

On February 21, the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province announced the second batch of proposed projects of the 2022 Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutral Science and Technology Innovation Special Fund. (Kunshan) GCL Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd., heading three institutions including Nanjing University of Technology, won the project of Industry Foresight and Key Technology Breakthroughs and was awarded 15 million yuan to fund the project. Our city's science and technology projects are off for a good start.


The project (Kunshan) GCL Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd. applied for is of the research and development of high-efficiency and stable large-area perovskite solar cell manufacturing technology and equipment. Perovskite solar cells are considered transformative and is expected to break through the bottleneck of existing photovoltaic technology, listed as one of the key development areas in the "14th Five-Year Plan for Science and Technology Innovation of Jiangsu Province". As the new photovoltaic technology of the highest potentiality, the development of perovskite solar cells will accelerate the optimization of China's energy structure and the realization of its carbon neutrality.

Set up in 2019, (Kunshan) GCL Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd. is affiliated to GCL (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd., China’s new energy industry-leader. The company is ahead of the world in the research, development and production of perovskite solar modules. It has built from scratch the world's first pilot production line of 10MW large-scale perovskite photovoltaic modules. The company is now undertaking a project of building a 100MW-scale mass production line. With mass production, the manufacturing cost of perovskite photovoltaic modules is expected to drop to 50% or even lower of that of crystalline silicon modules. An optimum balance between sufficient market competitiveness and a higher gross profit margin can be achieved if the price of perovskite products can be set at about 80% of that of crystalline silicon. The success of this project will be of multiple significance. It can speed up the marketization of perovskite photovoltaic cell products, contribute to carbon neutrality in Jiangsu Province, and catalyze the transformation and upgrading of China's clean energy industry in the service of a better eco environment and a civilized society.

GCL Photoelectric has been in close cooperation with Suzhou University and other colleges and universities for the development of new engineering, new materials and new equipment. The joint efforts are expected to facilitate the industrialization of perovskite photovoltaic technology, to give direction to the new photovoltaic industry, and to merge in the "dual carbon" goals of our province. The ultimate target is to make solar energy, perfectly green in nature, a primary energy source in the future.