Ordos Municipal Government and GCL Group Signed for Strategic Cooperation


2022-03-01    Source:Erdos News

The morning of March 1 witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the air between the Ordos Municipal Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and GCL Group. Present at the event were Li Li (Secretary of the Ordos Municipal Party Committee), Zhu Gongshan (Chairman of GCL Group), Su Cuifang (Ordos Municipal Party Standing Committee Member and Deputy Mayor), Zhang Wei (Municipal Party Standing Committee Member and Secretary-Genera)l, and Liu Fengyun (Deputy Mayor). The signing ceremony was hosted by Su Cuifang.

Su Cuifang said that Ordos will take the initiative to develop first-class enterprises, to cultivate first-class industries, to build a first-class park and to create a first-class environment, full-speed ahead to turn over a new page with a firm resolution, pragmatic spirits and constant innovations. Ordos is determined to live to its "Signature Branding" of "Ordos Warms the World", creating a supportive atmosphere for the enterprises and for the talents. She hopes that GCL and other big influencers and industry leaders can feel supported and utilize the opportunities. It is of mutual efforts and mutual interest for subject projects to be launched and put into operation. Zhu Gongshan expressed that Ordos has numerous advantages in its natural resource endowment, lavish sunlight, wind power and land resources. The national theme of "dual carbon" grants big opportunity for Ordos to develop in the zero-carbon industry. It is hoped that the Ordos Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will continue to provide strong support in projects approval and necessary supplies. GCL Group, together with central state-owned enterprises and leading private enterprises, will make full use of its advantages in terms of talents, technology, marketing, and so on to accelerate the implementation of the project, and to make contributions for the change of the energy structure and for the transformation of economic structure of Ordos.

According to the agreement, the two sides will join hands with State Power Investment Corporation, Beijing Energy International Holdings and Geely Holding Group to invest for a zero-carbon industrial ecological demonstration park in Hangjinqi, Ordos, and to build a green energy industrial base that integrates silicon energy, carbon energy and liquid sunshine. Ordos agrees to provide policy support, industrial and talents support for GCL Group and other central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises to invest and start businesses, ready to offer smooth, immediate and holistic services for the construction of the zero-carbon industrial ecological demonstration park. GCL will combine its own tech and industrial advantages in green energy and the resources of Ordos and its anchoring role to push revolution in energy production and consumption. The goal is to build a clean, dearer-carbon, safe and efficient green energy corridor in Ordos.