Zhu Gongshan met with Zhang Yiming, the Chinese Ambassador to the UAE in Abu Dhabi



During the May Day holiday, Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL Group, who was attending business activities in the United Arab Emirates, specifically came to Abu Dhabi, the capital, to meet with Zhang Yiming, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. Lan Tianshi, the Co-CEO of GCL Technology, and Zhang Xiang, the Chief Operating Officer, were also present during the meeting.

Zhang Yiming expressed his welcome to Zhu Gongshan's delegation for exploring emerging markets in the UAE. He stated that China and the UAE have a long history of friendship and this year marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Under the Belt and Road Initiative, trade and investment flows between China and the UAE have become more frequent, and the UAE has become an important node and crucial gateway for Chinese companies to enter the Middle East and other emerging markets. Currently, Arab countries in the Middle East are vigorously promoting energy transition and actively developing industries such as manufacturing, technology, and "Internet+". Chinese companies and the UAE have vast space, potential, and opportunities to explore comprehensive cooperation in innovative fields such as new energy and digital economy.

Zhang Yiming highly praised GCL Group's active role in promoting the development of green energy and advancing the "double carbon" target. He positively evaluated GCL Group's solid strength in green energy technology research and development and innovation. He said that with the upgrading of industrial structure and the transition of resources and energy, Gulf countries such as the UAE are paying increasing attention to China's new energy high-tech. The UAE has strong financial strength and vast market potential. He hoped that outstanding Chinese new energy companies like GCL Group could rely on high-tech and high-tech products to lead Chinese new energy companies to "go global" and build international new energy companies with "Chinese blood".

Zhu Gongshan thanked Ambassador Zhang Yiming and the embassy staff for their continuous concern and support for GCL's investment and business development in the UAE. He said that as a leading company in China's energy industry, GCL Group has been deeply involved in the green energy industry for 34 years. Relying on technology, digital, and green as "three magic weapons," it has sparked three global industry-focused technological innovation revolutions: firstly, the original "GCL method" for polysilicon manufacturing, which has led the mainstream polysilicon process for 15 years; secondly, the original GCL FBR particle silicon process, which has refreshed the world's lowest carbon footprint record in the silicon material field, reducing carbon emissions in the photovoltaic industry chain by more than 75%; and thirdly, globally pioneering the commercialization of perovskite, achieving three global firsts in the largest size, highest efficiency, and largest gigawatt-level mass production line of perovskite products, making positive contributions to advancing the global new energy technology revolution.

Zhu Gongshan said that green sustainability is the main trend of global future development. GCL will continue to enhance the green technological content, balancing economic benefits, environmental protection, and social effects, and contribute Chinese strength to addressing climate change and promoting the high-quality development of the global green industry. As one of the largest fossil energy producers in the world, the UAE is the first country in the Middle East to ratify the Paris Agreement and announce its goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. This great strategy that benefits future generations resonates with GCL's pace of technological transformation and going global. The UAE, as a bridgehead for GCL's new energy industry to go global, in the future, we will bring GCL FBR particle silicon, the world's most technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and carbon-emission-reducing photovoltaic high-tech product, to Abu Dhabi, assisting the UAE in advancing the photovoltaic new energy industry chain, extending, supplementing, and strengthening it, and working together with the people of the UAE to illuminate the world and clean the earth with green energy.

Zhu Lian, the Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the UAE, Zhao Xi, the Secretary, Tao Feng, the Senior Business Partner of GCL Group, and Xu Xingxiang, the Chairman of Jiangsu Haibin Investment Group, attended the event.