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In the era of the Internet, from the industrial end to the consumer end, new technologies, new models, and new business formats are emerging to meet various market needs. GCL is striving to push its industrial upgrading, seeking competitions and win-win cooperation, focusing on technologies and digitalizing its operations, determined to create kinetic energy for "carbon neutrality".
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Semiconductor Materials

Semiconductor Materials
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Semiconductor Materials
A Global Pioneering Manufacturer
of Electronic-Grade Polysilicon and Semiconductor Wafers

From smart terminals to cloud computing, in the mega data era, chips play an important role in everyday life and change the scenarios of international competitions in science and technology. With the support of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Fund, GCL has made full use of its advantages in the R&D and manufacturing of silicon materials and put into shape its integrated circuit material industry. In its R&D centers in China and in the USA, GCL has started its R&D of polysilicon and large silicon wafers for integrated circuits. Manufacturing bases are built and supporting industries are deployed. Currently, the production capacity of electronic-grade high-purity polysilicon is 5,000 tons per year, and the planned production capacity of large semiconductor wafers is supposed to reach 600,000 pieces per month. Not only can GCL self-produce electronic-grade polysilicon in large quantities, its product index is on par with the standards of world-class manufacturers. This exemplifies GCL’s tech-driven contribution to the high-quality development of China's integrated circuit industry.

Semiconductor Materials
Electronic-Grade Polysilicon
Semiconductor Wafers
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Xinhua Semiconductor

The 3rd Largest Manufacturer of Semiconductor Silicon Materials in the World
Xinhua Semiconductor has successively advanced the technology innovation of the industry via independent R&D. It has been trusted to undertake a series of related national projects such as the "02" special project of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the "Strong Foundation Project" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Xinhua Semiconductor has the most edge-cutting electronic-grade polysilicon production line in China and its products standards meet the international advanced level with customers all over the world. For the first time in China, large-scale industrialization of electronic-grade polysilicon has been realized and for the first time in the world, core technologies such as the intelligent non-contact silicon material processing system are applied. It has filled the domestic gaps in the realization of final products production, the technical routes planning and the construction of processing systems. In 2021, Xinhua Semiconductor's domestic market share reached 50%, a realization of substitution import. To a great extent, this guarantees a stable development of the domestic integrated circuit industry in the complicated global environment.

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Xinjing Semiconductor

A Leader in Semiconductor Silicon Materials in China
Xuzhou Xinjing Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in scientific research and manufacturing. It is one of the enterprises with the most veritable reservoir of talent and the most complete technologies in the field of semiconductor silicon materials in China. The company is committed to the development and manufacture of 300mm semiconductor silicon wafers. The planned production capacity is 600,000 wafers per month. Its complete products range includes test wafers, polished wafers, epitaxial wafers and others. In 2021, Xinjing Semiconductor had successfully produced 300mm epitaxial wafers that meet the 14nm wafer manufacturing specifications. The products are now in the testing phase with its keys customers and the technology is on par with the global standards.

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GCL Black Technology - Semiconductor Materials

Electronic-grade Polysilicon

30mm Silicon Rods

30mm Silicon Wafers



佔地面積:89,000畝 建設週期:3年 投入使用:2019年6月 總發電量:898975千瓦時


佔地面積:89,000畝 建設週期:3年 投入使用:2019年6月 總發電量:898975千瓦時


佔地面積:89,000畝 建設週期:3年 投入使用:2019年6月 總發電量:898975千瓦時

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