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In the era of the Internet, from the industrial end to the consumer end, new technologies, new models, and new business formats are emerging to meet various market needs. GCL is striving to push its industrial upgrading, seeking competitions and win-win cooperation, focusing on technologies and digitalizing its operations, determined to create kinetic energy for "carbon neutrality".
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Corporate Social Responsibility


Greener Development
and Better Life

Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutral

“Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver”. This has now become the development consensus in China. The Chinese people are facing the challenges of the tightening resource constraints and the serious environmental pollution.
To realize “Carbon Peak” and “Carbon Neutral” is of great significance for China’s ecological civilization, for the betterment of China’s environment and for the realization of the Chinese Dream-the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese People.
We provide clean and efficient energy products and services for the society, and bring back the calm, harmonious, green and beautiful nature.
As a corporate citizen with a high sense of social responsibility, GCL Group takes "focusing on green development and continuously improving the living environment of mankind" as its mission. By the constant promoting of a green, low-carbon and recycling development model, we will create an energy-saving spatial pattern and an environment-friendly industrial structure.

Our Green Commitments and Actions

In our power and photovoltaic business, we shall always abide by the principles of low carbon, emission reduction and energy conservation. This is our commitment to Mother Earth.

All the way from HPC to the utilization of resources, biomass and waste power generation, and further to wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation, our portfolio and growth path have exemplified the practice of "green energy producing and sharing".

PV Power Facilitates Rural Development

Funan, Anhui Province,
GCL 117MW PV-powered Poverty Alleviation Power Station
Tianchang, Anhui Province,
GCL 40MW Fishery-PV Complementary Power Station
Suzhou, Anhui Province,
GCL 40MW Agricultural-PV Complementary Power Station
Suzhou, Anhui Province,
GCL 40MW Agricultural-PV Complementary Power Station
Shaanxi Province Hengshan Jinghe
100MW Photovoltaic Power Station
Changjiang Tianlike,
Hainan Province 25MW Agricultural-PV Complementary Power Station
Gaotang, Shandong Province GCL
25MW Agricultural-PV Complementary Power Station
Liaocheng, Shandong Province XieChang
20MW Agricultural-PV Complementary Power Station
Funing Jiangsu Province
Xinyuan 15MW Agriculture-PV Complementary Power Station

GCL Sun Charity Foundation

GCL Sunshine Charity Foundation always regards extending care to the beneficiaries as a way to give back to the society. To this end, the foundation has launched the "Sunshine Care Action" as a long-term public welfare plan.

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