GCL&TCL Electronic Grade Polysilicon and Granular Silicon Projects “Forward Together”



The commencement ceremony of TCL&GCL Hohhot 10,000-ton electronic grade polysilicon project and 100,000-ton granular silicon project was held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, attended and witnessed by Bao Gang (Member of the Standing Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee and Secretary of the Hohhot Municipal Party Committee), Ai Lihua (Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region), He Haidong(Mayor of Hohhot), Li Dongsheng (Chairman of TCL Group), Zhu Gongshan(Chairman of GCL Group),etc. 

He Haidong said that the strong collaboration of TCL and GCL to build a 10,000-ton electronic-grade polysilicon project and a 100,000-ton granular silicon project is envisaged to gain a strong and new momentum for the green and high-quality development of Hohhot.

Li Dongsheng said that TCL Zhonghuan has become one of the global players in photovoltaics, and has deployed its development of photovoltaic monocrystalline silicon, silicon wafers, shingled modules and other segments. Joining force with GCL is an inevitable way forward for TCL Zhonghuan to strengthen its industry chain: the upstream granular silicon project can reduce comprehensive energy consumption and create great synergy effect; the development of downstream semiconductor polysilicon raw materials extends and strengthens the industry chain and stabilizes the supply.

Zhu Gongshan said that this “big shot” of TCL and GCL is designed to promote the deep integration of new energy technologies, modern information technologies, new materials and advanced manufacturing technologies. With the "chain masters" taking the lead, birds of a feather flock together to drive an all-round revolution in energy technologies, materials, equipment and applications through the whole industry chains, penetrating the upstream, middle and downstream. On the one hand, the Hohhot Granular Silicon Base, together with GCL Xuzhou, Leshan, Baotou Bases, will form the world's largest R&D and production matrix of granular silicon, functioning as a "green oil field"; on the other hand, the electronic grade polysilicon project, of the largest domestic production capacity, is estimated to have an annual output of 10,000 tons of electronic grade polysilicon and 6,500 tons of silane electronic special gas, which will greatly promote the development of China's large-scale integrated circuit industry.

The Hohhot project is the first joint granular silicon project by GCL and TCL, and the second granular silicon base for GCL Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia. It marks that the total planned production capacity of 600,000 tons of granular silicon by GCL Technology has spread its full wings, either in production or in construction. GCL Technology has built and put into production 60,000 tons of granular silicon capacity in Xuzhou, Jiangsu; the 100,000-ton granular silicon project in Leshan, Sichuan has been put into operation and qualified products have been produced; the first phase of the granular silicon project in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, a planned capacity of 100,000 tons, is now in full progress and is expected to be put into operation in the fourth quarter of this year. This new 100,000-ton granular silicon project will count as the fourth largest granular silicon base deployed by GCL Technology by far.

Electronic grade polysilicon is the basic raw material for the electronic information industry, and its advancement is of key for the electronic information integrated circuit industry to enter the global arena. The construction of an internationally competitive semiconductor integrated circuit grade silicon material base and semiconductor fine chemical base in Hohhot, the largest domestic base as well, will greatly promote the process of localization of our integrated circuit industry chain. While creating huge economic and social benefits, this will also contribute to the national strategy of the integrated circuit industry.

As of July this year, TCL Technology and GCL Technology both have made announcements. Following the previously-signed "Cooperation Framework Agreement", the parties have further signed joint venture agreements.

Under the agreement, a joint venture agreement on Inner Mongolia Xinhuan Silicon Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (a 100,000-ton granular silicon production and comprehensive utilization of silicon-based materials and R&D projects in downstream applications) is signed between Tianjin Silica Material Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of TCL Technology, and Jiangsu Zhongneng Silicon Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of GCL Technology. A capital increase agreement on Inner Mongolia Xinhua Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (a 10,000-ton electronic-grade polysilicon cooperation project) is signed between Tianjin Silica Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Xinhua Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.