A Consecutive Term! Zhu Gongshan Reelected as Chairman of Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association



On November 24, the Fifth General Meeting of the Fourth Council of Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association was held, where Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of the Global Green Energy Council and Chairman of GCL Group, was re-elected to a consecutive term as the Fifth Council Chairman of the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association.

The Fourth Council gave the work report and financial report of the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association. General elections of the council's bureau and committees were conducted in accordance with its Articles of Association. Reelected as Chairman of the council’s bureau, Zhu Gongshan delivered his inaugural speech. He pointed out that the photovoltaic industry is one of the greatest industries under the sun. "Apollo Light" has brought clean, efficient and safe energy to mankind. Under the goal of building a "zero carbon future", photovoltaic power has become the world’s favorite clean energy form by now. Photovoltaic power has evolved into a low-priced grid option, and its generation capacity has been upscaled from the GW era to the TW era. This is a remarkable breakthrough for the whole industry, a collectively-developed miracle.


Zhu Gongshan said that by far, the photovoltaic industry has shown good growth in Asia. The Indian government lately announced that it will inject US$3.2 billion in capital as additional funding for the “Photovoltaic Manufacturing Incentive Program” to support gigawatt-scale photovoltaic module production. Indonesia proclaimed that it will develop a series of photovoltaic projects and completely phase out coal power generation by 2040. China has been the world champion in terms of total installed photovoltaic capacity and PV power generation capacity for many consecutive years. Plus, China's photovoltaic industry has once again been ushered into an era of new challenges and new opportunities since President Xi Jinping put forward the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" goals in September 2020. By 2030, China's total installed capacity of wind power and solar power is expected to exceed 1.2 billion kilowatts and China's cumulative installed photovoltaic capacity is to reach 1,000GW by then.

Zhu Gongshan believes that the ongoing energy transition worldwide is essentially a shifting from traditional "carbon energy" to "silicon energy". The technological innovation of "silicon energy" will extend downward from the material end and drive a new round of revolution in photovoltaic applications and equipment. The earth will be cleaner with lower carbon and more environmentally friendly innovations. With further cost-down of photovoltaic power generation and the advancement of green hydrogen technology, the deserts and Gobi deserts on the earth can become real "cornucopias". The "photovoltaic corridor" and the "hydrogen corridor" will significantly enhance cross-regional connections and bring green energy into our daily life.

Zhu Gongshan said that the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association can serve as a great platform to promote China's leading technologies, manufacturing expertise and application innovations to other Asian countries for the development of the photovoltaic industry in Southeast Asia, especially in the ten ASEAN countries. The association can also collaborate innovations throughout the photovoltaic industry chain, push upstream and downstream cooperation and unite efforts in overcoming key technology issues. By promoting new photovoltaic materials, new technologies, and new applications from the laboratory out to the world, the association can push forward the iterative revolution of photovoltaics industry.


[Background Information] Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) is a regional organization representing the PV industry in Asia. It is a non-profit social organization, consisting of PV enterprises, scientific institutions and other relevant organizations in Asia under the principle of voluntary enrolment. Started in May 2008, after over 3 years of planning and preparation, APVIA was successfully launched in October 2011 in Singapore after being granted approval in January 2009 by the Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore. Members include China, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. APVIA has grown into a well-known organization in the photovoltaic industry in Asia and even across the world. The SNEC conferences and exhibitions hosted by the APVIA have been setting records for many years with regard to the scales of the exhibitions, the number of participants, and the specifications of the forums.