Environment-friendly Energy Products of GCL Group Debut at the 4th International Energy Industry Expo



On Sep. 16, the 4th China (Taiyuan) International Energy Industry Expo 2012, under the theme of “popularizing green energy and promoting transitional development”, was held in the exhibition hall of Shanxi Coal Transaction Center. As a world leading environment-friendly energy enterprise, GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited under the GCL Group attended the Expo as the joint exhibitor of China Poly Group Corporation and showed a number of new energy products with world advanced technologies, becoming one of the focuses of attention at the Expo.

Green and Environment-friendly Products Make Debut at the Expo with Innumerable Great Achievements in Diversification Strategy

Adhering to the philosophy of “bringing green power to life”, the GCL Group has been devoted to the development and production of environment-friendly and renewable energies over the past years. Through 22 years’ unremitting efforts, the Group has established its core businesses including environment-friendly electric power, PV, optoelectronics and energy storage and provides products such as polysilicon, silicon wafer, sapphire, power battery and large power plants under different types of businesses.    

The PV products of GCL Group showed at the Expo, namely the GCL Quasi-Mono Wafer and GCL Multi-Wafer, are one of the key achievements of the scientific and technological research of the Group. The conversion efficiency of Quasi-Mono Wafer is close to that of traditional CZ-Si single crystal and could reach the maximum of 18.5%, while its failure rate of light is superior to that of the CZ-Si single crystal, lower by over 1% on average. The production cost of the wafer is almost the same as that of directional freezing polysilicon ingot, but far lower than that of CZ-Si single crystal silicon. The high-power battery and module with Quasi-Mono Wafer could help to reduce the cost of solar power generation by more than 10% and significantly improve the competitiveness of follow-up modules.

GCL Multi-Wafer S2 is produced with electronic-grade polysilicon manufactured by GCL Group under the most rigorous quality control of the industry. Different from common polysilicon wafers, the wafer not only improves the microstructure and accurately controls the dislocation, stacking fault, crystal boundary and other crystal defects of the wafer, but also enjoys superiorities such as low density of carbon, oxygen and metal impurities, long minority carrier lifetime and even doping distribution.

The new-type auto Li power battery showed at the Expo is also one of the highlights of GCL exhibits, which features high energy density, high power density, long lifetime and high safety and has dramatically improved the life of battery on a charge by over 30%. The power battery will effectively reduce the load on chargeable devices, improve the performance of the automobiles in acceleration and climbing and dramatically enhance the convenience of driving and passenger satisfaction. 

The Group has also showed its 2-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch sapphire ingot and wafer products. From 2-inch to 4-inch and 6-inch, the products are improved not only in size, but also mark the phased advancement of the enterprise in technology and production capacity. The surface roughness, thickness, flexibility, warpage and other parameters of the 6-inch substrate slices are up to relevant standards, which demand more advanced technologies. GCL is one of the enterprises capable of large-size sapphire substrate slice production in China with higher content of technology and greater influence in the industry.

The under-construction power plant invested by GCL Group in Datong, Shanxi will be one of the largest solar power plants in China

As a world-class environment-friendly energy provider, GCL Group has established large natural gas, biomass, solar and other power plants under various types of businesses around the world, which are estimated to save 1.5 million tons of standard coals and reduce the emission of about 5.6 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, equivalently to plant 5.6 million trees around the world (suppose one tree could absorb one ton of carbon dioxide throughout its life). At the Expo, GCL Group specially arranged a sand table in front of the exhibition area to demonstrate the under-construction 310MW ground PV power plant and the 30MW rooftop PV power plant projects invested by the Group in Datong, Shanxi, which is expected to be one of the largest solar power plants in China after its completion and also one of the largest single solar power plants in the world.

The environment-friendly products of GCL Group and the demonstration of its solar power plants also attracted the attention of leaders at different levels and practitioners of the industry. The Group hoped that it could take advantage of the Expo to discuss and exchange ideas with other large energy enterprises around the world and promote the development of green and environment-friendly energies around the world together.