GCL-Poly Ranks among “Top 500 Energy Groups in China in 2011”



The list of the top 500 energy groups in China in 2011 was announced by research group of top 500 energy groups in China a few days ago and GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited was among the top 100 with impressive performance.
The evaluation and selection of the top 500 energy groups in China was launched and carried out by China Energy News and China Institute of Energy Economics Research, involving 6 categories of enterprise groups in China Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, such as the coal, petroleum, electric power, liquefied natural gas, new energy and comprehensive energy. The selection was carried out with the commonly-used evaluation method in the word based on the business income of the energy group in the previous year. As the leading enterprise in PV market, GCL-Poly has become the focus of the industry for its financial strength and overall competitiveness. Its ranking among the “Top 500 Energy Groups in China” will help to enhance the brand awareness and competitiveness of the company and play an active part in the establishment of the benchmark of the energy industry and promoting the development of the energy industry in China.